Training Workshops

We are organising several workshops this month to train potential new clown doctors for our team.

Details are in the posters below:

The workshop attendance is full now.

If you are interested to join the workshop in Kuala Lumpur please contact us as soonest. Thanks!

Learning from the best!

Thank you so much to our donors for making our intensive training with Le Rire Medecin France ( a reality just few weeks ago on 12-16 September 2019.

With your generous help, we were able to be trained by Lory Leshin, the coach and clowns from Le Rire Medecin during the five days workshop held at Institut Latihan DBKL, Cheras, Kuala Lumpur.

14 participants from various background but mostly young people have attended the workshop.

What did we learned from Lory?

We have learned so much on based on the following syllabus:

1) Actor training in preparation for clown play.
2) (Re)Discovering some basic principles specific to playing in clown.
3) (Re)Discovering and refining each clown personnality (including a bit of time on costume and makeup).
4) Practicing how the clown duo can function well (complicity, conflict, status, etc).
5) The specifics of playing in a hospital situation (what makes children laugh, personal space, fatigue, fear, etc).

Lory Leshin is a Lecoq trained coach and has been working as hospital clown with Le Rire Medecin for the past 28 years.
Baton exercises. Based on Lecoq training we learned how to create comfortable distance between partners and patients, use it to learn status work and complicity.
Red nose is the smallest mask in the world. Through red nose we learn to transform ourselves into clown world.
We did lots of improv exercises to sharpen our listening skills and complicity with our partners and the audience.
Here we learned how use status work in our clowning work. Lory taught us wonderful technique to create status relationship with your clown partners. I so loved this exercise!
Aha! This is the wonderful group who have the great opportunity to learn from Lory.

We really hope that we can continue our collaboration with Le Rire Medecin in the near future. We will keep you posted! 🙂

Thank you again for this opportunity to learn from one of the best clown doctors program in the world.

We are forever grateful!

Can you help us learn new skills this year?

We really really want to learn new hospital clowning skills this year, so that we can serve the seriously ill kids better.

Thus we are hoping to bring a trainer from the world renowned hospital clown program, Le Rire Medecin in France to teach us in an intensive workshop in September 2019.

Lory Leshin aka DR Jeep of Le Rire Medecin, France.

Her name is Lory Leshin.

Born in New York in 1952, Lory started her career as a dancer, actress, stage fight chorĂ©ographer, clown, director, and teacher over 40 years ago. 

She has a several university degrees in Dance and Theater, specializing in movement training for actors.

After discovering clown at the Ecole Internationale Jacques Lecoq in Paris (1989-91), Lory has never looked back.

She has worked for the Rire Médecin (clown, teacher, coach) since it’s inception in France in 1991, where she makes her home with another clown, Bernie Collins of the duo BP Zoom.

Since 2002, Lory has been the principal teacher at Le Samovar, a school for clown and burlesque next to Paris. She teaches mask work as well as clown play and writing/creating for clowns.

Lory gives workshops all over Europe, in Japan and Taiwan, and in Guadeloupe.

As a director, she has created pieces with musicians, singers, actors, circus performers as well as clowns.

She is also a member of La Bec, a group of wonderful crazy creative clowns headed by Hélène Gustin (Colette Gomette).

Currently we are raising RM30,000 to bring her to Malaysia for a week-long intensive workshop in September 2019. It will cover her airfare, lodging, meals and her teaching fee.

We are going to learn from Lory the essential skills needed to work with sick kids, to make them happy, laugh and forget their pain and illness. She will also coach us during our actual hospital clowning visit. From her observation, she will tell us what we can do to improve our work.

Lory in action!

Suzie Ferguson, the Artistic Director of Scotland’s clown doctors program, Hearts and Minds Scotland shared her thoughts, after observing Lory working in paediatric ward in a hospital in Paris:

” Lory working in the children ward was a masterclass! Lory’s physicality, clarity, use of melodrama & sensitivity was totally delightful. She seamlessly adapting her level of play to suit each situation. A brilliant clown through and through, from the tips of her fingertips to the tips of her toes.”

If you want to contribute to help us learn from Lory, please donate generously to our account below:

Persatuan Penghibur Kanak-kanak Buih Merah KL & Selangor (RED BUBBLES)
MAYBANK 5640 7000 2826

Please let us know afterwards via Whatsapp 019-2665157 or email:

May God bless you. Amin.

Happy New Year 2019

Thank you & Happy New Year 2019

We would like to thank all of you for making the life of sick children so joyful and full of laughter since 2015.

With your generous donations we want to do a lot more in 2019.

In 2019, you can bring joy and smiles to 6000 seriously ill children throughout Malaysia.

To fulfill your wish, we are going to visit pediatric wards in 5 hospitals across Malaysia, on weekly and monthly basis, all year round.

The hospitals are:

1. Hospital Selayang. We will work with 60 sick kids every week, especially with children with end-stage renal failure, SLE (Lupus), and Juvenile Idiophatic Arthritis.

2. Pusat Perubatan UKM, Cheras. Every Thursday, we will bring joy to 25 cancer children who are facing tough times undergoing their chemotherapy and radiotherapy for weeks and months.

3. Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru. In 2019, we will continue to bring joy to some 40 kids with chronic renal illnesses, cancer, and palliative care through our monthly visits.

In 2019, we are also going to start our monthly visits to 2 hospitals:

1. Hospital Pulau Pinang, focusing our work on some 40 sick kids in cancer wards.

2. Hospital Wanita dan Kanak-kanak Likas, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah. There, we are focusing on bringing smiles and joy to 40 cancer children every month.

With your continuous help and generous donations, we can make this happen.

To donate, please give generously to our account below:

MAYBANK 5640 7000 2826
Account: Persatuan Penghibur Kanak-kanak Buih Merah KL & Selangor (Red Bubbles)

You can reach us via Whatsapp: 019-266 5157 or email:

DR Bubbles Picture Books

You can help us continue our work to bring joy to sick children by getting these picture books for your kids!

The picture books contained warm and funny stories with DR Bubbles as the main character. Interestingly, some of the books are based on true stories.

The books are written and illustrated by our own team, DR Bubbles and DR Lat.

Profits from the selling of the books are channeled to support Red Bubbles regular clowning visits to the children wards.

Each book is RM9.90 and the whole set is RM59.50 including postage. To order, please bank-in to:

MAYBANK 5640 7000 2826

Then, Whatsapp/Email us your name, address and phone number:

Whatsapp: 019-266 5157

There five titles:

DR Bubbles dan Anak Kucing, 32 pages, RM9.90
DR Bubbles dan Baim is based on a true story of a friendship between DR Bubbles and a Leukemia patient named Baim. RM9.90
Find out how DR Bubbles helps Wak Kerusi to sell his handmade chairs. Plus Wak Kerusi is a real person! RM9.90
The Pandas want to sneak out from the zoo and follow DR Bubbles go to the beach. Would their wicked plan works? Find out more in this book. RM9.90
The baby dinosaur wants to find his mom. Can DR Bubbles help him? Read this book to find out. RM9.90

Please Buy Our Special Bags!

You can help bring joy to hundreds of sick kids every year by getting this limited edition canvas bag designed by our own DR Lat.

Profits from the selling of this cotton bags will help to fund our weekly and monthly visits to children wards in Hospital Selayang, cancer children wards in HUKM Cheras and Hospital Sultan Ismail in Johor Bahru.

The price for each bag, either black or plain white is RM25, plus RM7 for postage.

To order yours, please message or Whatsapp us at 019-266 5157.

Canvas black bag, RM25. Specification: 9oz Canvas Bag (Fine Color Material) Size : 40cm(H) x 37cm(W)


Plain white canvas bag, RM25. Specification: 8oz, Size : 34.5cm(H) x 44.5cm(W) x 10cm(B). Handle : 51cm (Cross Stitching)

Training Exchange in Taiwan – September 2018

DR Red Nose Clown Doctors Taiwan

Our trainee clown doctor, DR Lao-Tan aka Oceans Tan attended a week-long training exchange with the Taiwanese clown doctors team, DR Red Nose. The training was held in Taipei, Taiwan from 15 September to 21 September 2018 and conducted by the trainers from Le Rire Medecin clown doctors program in France.

The participants ‘play’ during one of the training session.

During the training, Oceans learned how to play with newborn babies, how to bring joy to kids in palliative stage and use musical improvisation in children wards.

The trainers, Caroline Simonds, Marianne Clarac and Vincent Pensuet generously shared their combined knowledge and experience working to bring joy to sick kids in hospitals in France since 1991.

We would like to thank DR Red Nose Taiwan for allowing one of our team members to get an opportunity to learn together with their team. We love you guys!

Monthly Clowning at Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru


Thank you so much for your continuous and generous donations! Because of you, last Sunday, on 25 February, we were able to cheer up kids with cancer and renal ailments in Hospital Sultan Ismail, Johor Bahru.

Your generosity allow us to continue our monthly visit to bring joy to seriously ill children in HSI JB since 2015. May God bless you!

To continue supporting our work in three hospitals, please donate to our account:

MAYBANK 5640 7000 2826.

Let us know via Whatsapp: 019-266 5157 or email:

We Need Your Urgent Help!


We are planning to send one of our clown doctors to attend the HCIM 2018 (

This is the one conference we really want to attend. The aim of this conference is to stimulate discussions about all aspects of healthcare clowning. We will be amongst a broad range of professionals, including leading researchers, medical professionals, patients and, of course, professional clowns. Through a variety of skill-based workshops and panel discussions, we are hoping to learn as much as possible during this three-days conference held at University of Economics and Business in Vienna from 4 -6 April 2018.

And we really need your URGENT help.

We are currently raising funds of RM10030 to send one of us to attend the HCIM 2018. It will cover the cost of the conference’s fees, airfares, lodgings and meals. Frankly, it is a really big sum of funds to be raised for a small charity organisation like us. Thus, we humbly ask you to help just one of us to attend the HCIM 2018 in Vienna.

And there are three options that you can really help us. You can either help by:

1. Sponsoring the HCIM 2018 conference’s registration fee for one person = RM1800.

2. Sponsoring a return economy class flight ticket to Vienna from Kuala Lumpur = RM4000.

3. Or if you can help, please sponsor the whole trip for one of us to attend the HCIM 2018 in Vienna = RM10030.

Your generous help will definitely equip us with the knowledge and experience needed to deliver a professional and regular hospital clowning program that are so desperately needed for children with serious illness in the local hospitals.

When our colleague comes back, we are also planning to share the knowledge he/she gets from the conference by organising series of knowledge-sharing workshops targeting young generations and youth volunteer groups across Malaysia.

Should you have any queries or you might need further information, we can be reached at 019-2665157 or email:

Thanks in advance for your help.