The Clowns

Red Bubbles clown doctors are specially trained clowns to work with seriously ill children. They are wonderfully unique as they trained with theatre clowning skills to connect and work delicately with seriously ill children in the hospitals.

They use multiple skills of physical comedy, theatre improvisation, music, singing, and theatre clowning in order to entertain these children, who have to stay in the ward for months, and facing tough time undergoing painful medical procedures.

The clowns play their role to reduce the anxiety and stress among the sick kids and it is supported by the recent studies,¬†Sivaramakrishnan, G. & Sridharan, K., 2016 who concludes that, “We found that hospital clowns play a significant role in reducing stress and anxiety levels in children admitted to hospitals as well as their parents.”

Currently Red Bubbles has three professionally trained clowns:

DR Bubbles

DR Lat

and DR Lao-Tan.